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Terms and Conditions

Lucas Jack (Lucas Jack) Official Online Store ( is a shopping site on the Internet operated by Complex Biz International Co., Ltd.Complex Biz International Co., Ltd.Based on the following consolidation, we will provide services to customers. If you are purchasing a product in the Lucas Jack (Lucas Jack) official online store, it is assumed that you have agreed to this term. Be sure to read this Terms.

Article 1 (Scope of Terms of Use)

This Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "General Code") is a customer who uses Complex Biz International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") and the shopping service of our website (hereinafter referred to as "customer") It shall be applied to all matters in this site (definition in the next article).

Article 2 (Website Definition)

The website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") in this Country is a collectively referred to for the Internet shopping site LUCAS JACK (Lucas Jack) official online store ( operated by our company.

Article 3 (How to use this site)

There are three ways to buy products on this site:

(1) How to purchase a product as a registered member of this site
(2) How to purchase a product without registering for a member of this site

Article 4 (Use of this site member registration information)

If customers are registered with this site member, we will provide services to customers provided by this site based on customer information registered with this site member.

Article 5 (Login ID / Password Management Responsibility)

1. We will issue a login ID and a password when registering this site member. Customers registered with this site member shall be responsible for managing login IDs and passwords, and their use.
2. If you purchase a product on this site without registering for this site member, you need to enter the prescribed information.

Article 6 (Cancellation of Membership Qualifications and Denies of Service)

If the customer's act corresponds to any of the following items, we will cancel the customer's qualification, reject the service qualification without consent, reject service provision, and use login ID and password, and stop using the password, customers We can not respond to purchase orders.
(1) If there is a false content of this site member and the information entered by this site
(2) When login ID or password is used incorrectly or used for third parties
(3) When there is a delay or failure of payment obligations such as price
(4) If contact can not be removed by phone, fax, email or other means
(5) When violating any of these terms
(6) Other cases where we judge that we are inappropriate for use of this site

Article 7 (Prohibited matters)

Customers shall not do the following.

(1) Act that violates laws and regulations, etc.
(2) Action that prevents operation of this site.
(3) Acts that slander and slander of others at this site.
(4) The intellectual property rights described in Article 13, which violates the right of our company or third party.
(5) Complete product purchase procedure Registration is to provide false description.
(6) Other actions that violate the other game.

Article 8 (Limitation of Age)

Product purchases on this site are limited to customers over 20 years of age.

Article 9 (Act of contract)

Product Trading Agreement in product purchase at this site is established when we sent a "shipping of order products" to make sure that we have sent the product to your order from customers. To do. In addition, when ordering a product purchase from customers, we will automatically receive the receipt of order from our company and the order contents, but we will send you an email. We have confirmed the contents of your order, and the product trading contract has not been established.

Article 10 (About Cancel Cancel)

If you wish to return or exchange products, we will accept it only if we contact us in the contact form within 8 days after the product arrival, according to the provisions specified by the Company (for details "Reference based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law(」を御覧ください)。

Article 11 (Settlement Method)

1. The payment amount such as the product is the sum of the amount of money containing the consumption tax, including the purchase price including the consumption tax, shipping costs and the handling fee for this. The payment of the product purchased on this site is due to your own credit card payment.
2. For credit card payments, customers shall follow the conditions for contracting separately from your credit card company. If a dispute occurs between the customer and the third party such as the credit card company, it shall be solved in both the parties, and the Company does not take any responsibility.

Article 12 (Product Shipping)

1. For all orders, the product shall be delivered by the delivery company specified by the Company. The delivery company shall be selected in our discretion considering the size, weight, nature of the product.
2. For some products, the delivery time or delivery date may differ depending on the product. When delivering multiple products in one order, the property of the product may be delivered by separation by separately.
3. If you wish to change the shipping destination specified when ordering, cancel your order once and make a new order.
Four. The cancellation procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be done without delay in the reception time of "inquiries" to be determined separately after the Company has received contact from the customer. However, the Company will not chase any responsibility for damage caused by the cancellation procedure.
Five. The period until product delivery may be extended due to non-predictable reasons such as weather and traffic circumstances.
6. We do not take any responsibility for direct and indirect damage of our customers due to delayed product delivery.
7. Product delivery is only in Japan.

Article 13 (Intellectual Property Rights)

1. Copyright of corporate marks, trademarks (trade marks, service marks, logo marks), character patterns, images, sentences, music, program data, and trademark data, etc. It belongs to. Therefore, it is prohibited to use and replicate all of these or some of our customers without permission to our company.
2. When you violate the provisions of the foregoing paragraph, if you have a damage to our company or third parties, customers shall be responsible for their damages against the Company or Third Party.

Article 14 (Personal Information)

For your personal information, we will manage appropriate use and strict safety management based on our policy policy (for details.privacy policy」( /Please see Privacy). If you purchase a product on this site, this privacy policy will be read in advance and assessed.

Article 15 (Use of Cookies)

On this site, you may want to send information called cookies to your computer to your browser and access it. These are only used to provide better service on this site. If you set it on your computer to reject cookies, please note that shopping services (purchase procedures) and some services on this site are not available.

Article 16 (Change of Terms)

The terms of use may change without notice. If the Terms is changed after the product order, the terms of the order will be effective.

Article 17 (About change of information on this site, interruption, cancellation)

If you decide that it is necessary to change the information on the system maintenance, disability, fire, blackout, fire, blackout, earthquake, and other operations and technical site-served information, and use interruptions, You may change the posting information of this site without prior notice or acceptance, and interrupt or discontinue the operation of this site. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by customers caused by this interruption or cancellation.

Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdictional Court)

The Terms of Terms is based on the Japanese law. If you have a dispute between customers and our company and our company, the Tokyo District Court will be a dedicated agreement jurisdiction.

Article 19 (Disclaimer about product etc.)

1. The warranty for the product etc. to be traded on this site shall comply with the description of the attached warranty, unless otherwise indicated.
2. Although the product images listed are expected to be as accurate as possible, the color and size may differ slightly with the actual product in the relationship between screen settings and photographic techniques.
3. We have any warranties other than set up in the preceding article, with regard to the quality, performance, and other products such as goods, etc., and other products bundled at this site · I do not take responsibility.
Four. We shall be disclaimed by delivering the product to the contacts where the customer is registered, or by delivering the product to the destination instructed when purchasing the product.

Article 20 (Disclaimer)

1. We do not have any responsibility for damage that occurred when the Company has not failed to get involved in the case of incorrect and unreadable characterization phenomena for information sent from customers.
2. In terms of this site, we will not be responsible for any damage (regardless of hardware software) that you have created.
3. When using this site, if you give damage to other customers or third parties, customers will solve your own responsibility and expenses and do not give any damage to the Company.
Four. This site uses encryption technology called SSL on the screen for entering personal information, but its safety is not guaranteed by us. If you have any damage to our company, we will not be liable.

July 7, 2021