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Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

■ Distributor
Complex Biz International Co., Ltd.
■ Management manager
Tamamizu Hohiko
■ Location
Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Miyuki 2-6-1 RT Building 3rd floor
■ Phone number
0120-087-317 (10:00~17:00)
※ Saturdays and Sundays and New Year holidays, excluding summer vacation
■ E-mail address
■ Products handled
Jewelry, Hair Accessories
■ Required price other than goods
  • Shipping fee: We will be uniformly 660 yen (consumption tax included) for one delivery. However, if the total amount of goods (tax included) is more than 11,000 yen, the shipping cost will be free. The delivery address in one order is limited to one place.
  • Fees: The fee when you select each method is as follows.
    Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery fee will be borne by the customer. Please pay to the delivery staff when receiving the product with a separate fee according to cash on delivery amount.
    ※ It is not included in the total amount of settlement screen

    ▼ Settlement fee
    ~ 9,999 yen 330 yen
    ~ 29,999 yen 440 yen
    ~ 99,999 yen 660 yen
    ~ 300,000 yen 1,100 yen
    ※ Cash on delivery amount · Settlement fee will be tax included
■ How to deliver
  • Cash on delivery · Credit card will be shipped within 2 to 4 days from the order date. (If the product does not reach even after 2 weeks please contact us.) However, if a holiday continues for the year-end and summer vacation, it may be exceeded, but we will notify you on this site.
  • Specification of delivery date
    It is possible to specify the desired date and time. Please select the date of hope for one month ahead after 3 business days after the order date. However, the acceptance of your order will correspond within our business day and time.
    If the product does not reach even after your designated date, please contact us at e-mail / Tel.
  • Specify delivery address
    In addition to delivering to your home, we also deliver to customers designated locations.
    In the case of cash on delivery, please note that you can not accept shipping from the orderer's address, which can not be used to prevent orders.
  • Shipping of goods
    Shipping of products, Yamato Express will be acting.
    In the case of cash on delivery, we will contact you before delivering the product, so please tell us if it is inconvenient if it is inconvenient.
    If there is no absence, it will be redelivery. Please check the outdate day for a convenient day.
    If you purchase multiple products, the delivery of the goods may be divided into more than one flight.
    Product delivery will be limited to domestic.
    In principle, the pickup material to be delivered during delivery is not accepted.
    The delivery of the product is basically served.
■ How to order
By shopping cart of our store
■ Payment method
  • Credit card: VISA / MASTER / AMERICAN Express / JCB
  • Online payment: Apple Pay / Google Pay / PayPal / Amazon Payment
  • Cash on delivery
■ Payment deadline
  • Credit Card: Please enter the required information when ordering and pay.
  • Online Payment: Please pay the payment procedure on the external payment service screen.
  • Cash on delivery: Please pay the delivery staff in cash when you receive the product.
■ About return / exchange
  • Defective
    ○ Defective product refers to the product difference, product corruption, and dirty products at the time of product arrival.
    ○ If the product arrival is a defective product, please contact us. We will exchange money or exchange with good items.
    ○ Refund will be transferred to the account you specified for your orderer's name after confirmation.
    ○ The shipping fee for returned goods will be borne by our company.
  • Cancellation and Return Processing
    ○ We accept returns within 8 days after arrival arrival.
    ○ Please contact our company in advance and fill in the necessary items in the return notice that we enclosed when delivering the product. We will refund the product price. (However, delivery fee, our designated payment fee, transfer fee for refunding fee is excluded)
    ○ Refund will turn the refund amount to the account of your order person after confirming the return. (Delivery fee for returned goods will be borne by the customer except for the reason for the Company's responsibility.)
    ○ In case of card payment, cancel the withdrawal. (Note: Please contact us within 8 days after contacting us.)
    ○ Only unused products will be sent to return.
    ○ If it is different from the image, returned goods can be made except for the following products. (If the product delivered is a defective product, the return shipping fee for the case where the product different from the order is received, please pay at the customer.)
    ※ We do not accept store exchange and returns at stores purchased on Online Shop. Please note.
  • Products that can not accept returns
    ○ What has passed 9 days or more after arrival
    ○ Products already used
    〇〇 Customers are scratched to products and tags, products that cause contamination (including those who are out of product or those who have shifted traces.)
  • Contact information about returns:
    Store name: LUCAS JACK (Lucas Jack) Official Online Store
    Location: 〒 460-0008 Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 2-6-1 RT Building 3rd floor
    Phone number: 0120-087-317 (10:00 to 17:00) ※ Eastern Sunday, New Year holidays, excluding summer vacation
    Email Address: